About Westchester/Veterans Station

The Westchester neighborhood surrounding the station features unique local restaurants, such as the iconic Randy’s Donuts, the historic Centinela Adobe, plus convenient shopping for your home projects.

The C & K Line Link provides free bus service between Westchester/Veterans Station and Aviation/LAX Station (C Line), and runs on the same schedule and frequency as trains.

Station ArtworkUs as a Measure of Openness  by Geoff McFetridge  

Westchester/Veterans Station
Westchester/Veterans Station, detail of Us as a Measure of Openness by Geoff McFetridge



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Transit Connections

  • Metro C & K Line Link free bus service to Aviation/LAX Station for connection to LAX via the Metro shuttle and to C Line (Green) 
  • C & K Line Link to C Line Aviation/LAX Station 
The K! with a billboard of a mother and daughter with the Metro Rail train with a layered color effect.

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